Hola! I’m Ane, an Amsterdam based copywriter and published poet from Barcelona.

I love the sea, hip-hop & dancehall music, and going to the dance studio. Some fun career facts about me include being a twerk teacher, having an Insta-poetry account with a bunch of followers, and being a mum to two Penguin Random House poetry books.

I give way too many fucks about way too many things, but that’s how I get work done. I try to approach every project with lots of passion, love for craft, and honest stories, trying to create work that doesn’t just make noise but actually says something ‚Äď and makes people care a little too. If you want to know a bit more about me, you can listen to this podcast, or this one if you speak Spanish.

Ps: That bomb portrait on the right was taken by my bestie Angela Huizer. If you like nice portraits and even nicer people, you will like to hire her ūüôā

Wanna chat? Hit me up! 

Ps: If you are a recruiter and you’re looking to hire, I am currently employed and happy, but you will find great talent below x